Training Evaluation Boot Camp

You may be locked down, but there’s no need to get locked out of career development. We are delighted to offer you the internationally renowned ROI Institute’s great value e-learning boot camp, which will teach you how to translate training programmes into meaningful actions that generate a positive return on investment.

Attending the boot camp will give you access to access to five interactive modules where you will learn how to…

  • Create a strong foundation for training programme success
  • Collect meaningful data
  • Isolate your training programme’s effects from other influences so you can prove which results arose from the programme
  • Convert measures or KPIs to monetary value
  • Understand which evaluation criteria work best for different types of training programmes
  • Evaluate your training programme’s success at each stage of delivery – from planning to post-programme review
  • Calculate the final ROI (return on investment) in your training programme

The course includes support materials and the e-book Bottomline on ROI.

So, don’t delay – register today for The Bottomline on ROI boot-camp for only US $197.

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