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As experienced L&D recruitment and OD sourcing professionals, we know the industry, we know the people, we know the jobs and we know what it’s like to be in your shoes because we’ve been there ourselves!

Contact us or take a look below at some of our many available candidates if you need L&D support because you are…

  • Short on time to find a specialist, experienced L&D professional
  • Searching the market but cannot find the right candidate
  • Tired of screening hundreds of irrelevant CVs from online job boards
  • Wanting an insightful, experienced and friendly partner who adds value every step of the way

Who’s Available – L&D Contractor and Permanent L&D Recruitment Candidates

We have a wide range of candidates available for permanent and contract roles, including the following:

Learning Designers / Instructional Designers
L&D Advisors
L&D Project Managers

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