Newsflash: Docebo acquires forMetris to expand learning impact capabilities

Market-leading forMetris solution expands Docebo’s product portfolio into a new market segment for learning impact measurement, addressing requirements across the full training lifecycle

Demonstrate the contribution of your training to your organisation’s performance

forMetris by Docebo

Many organisations invest heavily in training but don’t know exactly what is and isn’t working. Docebo’s forMetris helps you identify the most effective training for your organisation and its employees by allowing you to evaluate accurately the impact of your L&D activities while optimising your budget. Docebo’s forMetris also saves evaluation time by providing processes and data which allow you to have a clear view of L&D’s effectiveness while building a positive culture of evaluation. 


To prove the impact of training, you need a tool that measures and validates your L&D investments.

That’s why you need a solution that provides you with immediately actionable insights to help you make informed decisions.

In addition to our ROI service offerings, we are proud to be working with forMetris to make your data collection easier.

Great news, evaluation just got easy! We work the data and we let you concentrate on the strategy.

Communicate with proven results to make L&D a strategic investment within the company.

Learning analytics with the service you deserve

  • An exclusive benchmarking tool to put results into perspective and access to best practices
  • Lean solutions automated on a large scale and customized for each program 
  • A proven expertise and a high-standard service
  • robust solution centered on learning impact
  • A high level of security and data protection
  • Easy connection with your LMS to save you plenty of time
  • A multilingual customer service and a questionnaire available in 25 languages
  • An 80% response rate on average

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