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Clear Review Continuous Performance Management

Move from broken annual appraisals to regular, meaningful conversations.


Clear Review takes the pain out of performance management for employers and employees alike by providing a faster, less stressful alternative to annual performance reviews by helping you replace them with regular, meaningful conversations.

This clever performance management system empowers employees and their managers to collaborate on agreeing genuinely SMART objectives that support the organisation’s overall goals. Objectives can be added and updated at any point in the year and employees can update their progress online as they work towards achieving their goals.


Clear Review enables managers to complete performance reviews in minutes rather than hours. It then compiles all the data into Excel so it can easily be fed into the organisation’s reward, promotion and talent planning processes. HR can collate the personal development and training needs of the entire organisation in a single click and download them to Excel for analysis.

Reports enable HR to monitor the quality of objectives being set, how frequently employees are checking in and feedback given and received over any chosen period. HR and senior management can also analyse progress against objectives, personal development and training needs as well as responses from performance reviews to inform reward and promotion decisions.

Using Clear Review also benefits employees, managers and organisations in many other ways, including:

  • Improved employee performance by having up-to-date goals and enabling timely feedback.
  • Personal service when connecting you with Clear Review, to get everything up and running quickly and easily.
  • Cloud-based technology that works perfectly on all devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs and Macs.
  • So easy to use that employees and managers do not need training. However, each page has a help function should anyone need assistance.
  • Secure and reliable: Clear Review uses the latest encryption technologies. The software and data are hosted at a secure ISO 27001 certified data centre. Robust cloud infrastructure means the system is online 24/7.


Year-round performance management ensures objectives remain relevant, performance remains on track, and obstacles and issues can be addressed promptly. Automated email reminders to ensure agreed actions are followed through.

Fast feedback: Clear Review enables feedback to be given in-the-moment, maximising the impact, and giving it is quick and easy using either a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Feedback can be given by peers as well as managers, and individuals can also request feedback at any time.

Video guidance: Organisations do not always have the time or budget to provide all managers with training in performance management skills, so Clear Review includes short, animated video guides on topics such as setting objectives, giving feedback and holding performance conversations. These videos can be deactivated if you would prefer to use your own training instead.

Official Clear Review New Zealand partner

As the official Clear Review continuous performance management system New Zealand Partner, we offer sales and support services. Contact us for a no-obligations discussion about how Clear Review can help your organisation and/or visit their website for more information.

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